Practice Class for Barista Level 1


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Did you take Barista Level 1 already?

Then this guided practice class is for you!

This 2 hour class offers more hands-on practice to reinforce and refine the skills learned in the Barista training level 1 class you previously had taken.

If needed we will provide a short review of: 

  • Espresso machine components and proper usage.
  • Best practices for espresso coffee making and grinder adjustment
  • Coffee Drink Recipes and Standards
  • Refresher for texturizing and steaming milk for Cappuccino and Latte Art

You will have ample opportunity to practice many times dialing in the grinder,  pulling multiple espresso shots, and steaming milk with an Academy instructor.

* Please note, you must have completed barista level one to be accepted for enrolment into this class. 

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