Opening a Coffee Business (2days)


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Duration: 2 days consecutively,  Day One: 10 am to 6pm and Day Two: 10am to 4pm , lunch is included.
Prerequisite: No prior experience required

This course is a combination of lecture, group discussion, cupping coffee, tasting workshop and activities, all of which are designed to help you critically think through the process of opening your own cafe.

Topics covered:

  • Franchises good or bad (if you are considering buying a franchise you need to take this course)
  • Building a Business Plan and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Finding a location
  • Controls including beverages, food, cash, inventory & payroll
  • Choosing your Suppliers / Roaster
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • Staff Training & Fostering a Barista Culture 
  • Coffee Tasting Level 1 included for free for a limited time!

If you are thinking about taking this 2 day course, then you should consider our Coffee Business and Barista Training Package (4days) . In the 4 day package you get the full Barista Levels 1, level 2 and level 3 training, Coffee Tasting Level 1 and this Opening a Coffee business course - which is by far our most comprehensive and popular course - and highly recommended!

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

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