Coffee Roasting Course (2days)

$999.00 $1,199.00

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Duration: 2 days consecutively, 10 am to 6pm, lunch is included.
Prerequisite: No prior experience required
Cost: $1,199.00 on sale Autumn Special for $999

Our leading edge, artisan third wave coffee roasting Instructors will provide students with an introduction to the world of specialty coffee roasting with a focus on developing practical applicable skills and knowledge throughout the full two days of roasting classes.

Whether you are considering roasting coffee for yourself at home, as a career, or you would like to make more informed decisions when sourcing coffee for your cafe, students will leave confident in key concepts vital to speciality coffee roasting.

Using an objective and evidence based approach our instructors aim to break down the world of roasting, which at times can seem opaque, into topics that are concise and applicable to your coffee business.

Topics covered within the 2 day curriculum:

  • The role and history of specialty coffee roasting
  • Equipment, safety procedures and physical processes
  • Overview of green coffee, single origin, fair trade organic, packaging and business
  • Profile roasting and demonstration roast level
  • Roast profile variables and three phases
  • Consistency, cupping, solubility testing and quality control
  • Beyond the basic ‘flavours’ of light, medium and dark coffee roasts
  • Inventory and production management

The curriculum is universally applicable for people in the business of coffee roasting and for baristas that want a deeper understanding of the craft as well as this coffee course is designed for entrepreneurs, cafe owners, managers and home coffee roasting enthusiasts. All are welcome!

Students will have direct access to the coffee roaster to gain hands-on experience and are invited to take home their freshly (practise) roasted coffee.  A wide variety of green coffee origins will be available.

Class includes printed take-away material.

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

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