Barista Level II


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Advanced Barista Training Class Level Two
Cost: $279 per person
Duration: 4 hours.
Prerequisite class: Barista Level I

This workshop further expands the fundamentals learned from studying and practising Barista Level One and supports you to manipulate those techniques to enhance taste and fine-tune the technically correct drink. Our Barista Training Level Two prepares the student for the challenges in Barista Level III.

Topics covered:

  • How should Espresso taste?
  • Roasters influence on taste
  • Grinders role in affecting taste
  • Machine engineering and taste
  • Baristas impact on taste
  • Milk Chemistry
  • Building your drinks: cappuccino, lattes, signature drinks
  • Latte Art demonstration
  • Detailed equipment maintenance

Workshop includes printed take-away material.

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

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