Coffee Business and Barista Training Bundle (4days)

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This four day package bundles all of our standard classes into one intensive 4 day coffee business and barista training course.

  1. Opening a Cafe course
  2. Coffee Tasting Level I Class
  3. Barista Level 1: Basic Espresso Training
  4. Barista Level 2: Advanced Barista Workshop
  5. Barista Level 3: Expert Workshop

If you can not attend the 4 day classes consecutively, then please know that you can book each of the classes on any day and at any time.

Or, you can email us directly and we can help you select dates and times to complete your purchase.

Duration: 4 days, lunch is included on Day 1 and 2 only in the Opening a Coffee Business course. 

Prerequisite: No prior experience required

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

Click here to download a PDF sample of 4 Day Class times.

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