Barista Level III - Vancouver


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Latte Art Barista Training Class Level Three
Duration: 3 hours. 
Prerequisite course: Barista Level I and Barista Level II

Professional Barista Trainers share their bar skills and secrets with you while they explain the techniques of Latte Art. Milk temperature, texturing and pouring skills will be reviewed as well. This is a practical, down-to-earth class that will cover simple to expert complex designs. You will try your hand many times at creating your own artistic milk masterpiece!

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

* Q. If a class is fully booked, is there a waiting list?
Yes, it is possible to add your name to a waiting list. Please contact us if your first choice class is fully booked, as we can search for an alternative class time which may also suit you.

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