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Consulting & Group Training

Since 2001, the Barista Academy has provided customized in-house group seminars, barista trainings and instruction on how to open and operate a cafe to hundreds of owners, management and barista staff.

Some areas of Cafe development covered are: 
  • Grinder 101, Espresso diagnostics, Drip Coffee & Latte Art
  • POS & Cash Handling
  • Customer Service & Culture
  • Food Handling, Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Equipment Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Merchandising & Sales Analysis
  • Develop Opening & Closing Sheets
  • Inventory & Re-ordering
  • If you are interested in personalized business consulting services we offer unbiased information and strategies for your coffee business to meet its highest potential.

    The $399 price tag is only for deposit purposes.

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