Cyber Monday Event November 15, 2017 09:22 2 Comments

Coffee Business and Barista Training Cyber Monday Special

The Four day Coffee Business and Barista Training course includes:

  1. Opening a Coffee Business course which includes Coffee Tasting Level I Class
  2. Barista Level 1: Basic Espresso Training
  3. Barista Level 2: Advanced Barista Workshop
  4. Barista Level 3: Expert Workshop

You can book this as a weekend course or book each of the 4 classes individually on the calendar days that suit your personal schedule. Use Code:CYBERMONDAY174DAY,at the checkout or click this link to have it automatically applied to your checkout.

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Complete Barista training package on sale

Step by step, practical, hands-on barista training in latte art, espresso making, machine maintenance, coffee cupping and so much more...

Get Skills, Get a Certificate and Save 10% doing it!  

Combine all three Barista training levels with Coffee Tasting Level 1 and save 10% off!

Click and use the *discount code: CYBERMONDAY17BARISTACERT and it will be automatically applied to your checkout! Or copy and paste " CYBERMONDAY17BARISTACERT " into the discount box at the checkout. 

*limited time offer ENDS Cyber Monday November 27th at Midnight