Learning to Roast Coffee May 28, 2017 15:00

Q: I am interested in learning the art of coffee roasting. Do you offer classes?

Let's start by defining what makes a great coffee roaster:

The ability to taste and make technical adjustments to correct errors.

Learning to roast coffee successfully - requires mentorship over a period of time, varying from a few months to a few years with lots of trials and errors. In spite of that fact, we can teach you the fundamentals of coffee roasting, safety procedures, simple maintenance and basics about coffee in a weekend. Anything beyond that is not realistic in a weekend course.

Unfortunately, there are coffee schools offering weekend roasting coffee classes that are thinly veiled as sales pitches, disguised with objective advice and instruction.

At the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy we do not have equipment to sell to you.... WHY? Because...

  1. we are a coffee school,
  2. you are trusting us to give you sound financial and often life-changing advice,
  3. and, it goes against our code of ethics.

We believe it is important for all coffee schools and consultants to be up front and declare a full disclosure of any conflicts of interest that they may have. Why is this important?

Imagine if your Family Doctor didn’t disclose that they would benefit financially or otherwise when you take medicine that they recommend to you? How would you feel about that?... Removing all possible conflicts of interest insures that you - as the student - will receive clear unbiased instructions.

Our full disclosure to you: If you choose to sign up for a class with us, know that we have your best interest at heart because...

  1. we do not accept commissions for any recommendations of equipment
  2. we don’t roast coffee or accept commission for selling coffee, so we can teach you how to taste without bias
  3. we will never open a coffee shop or roastery next to you

When we teach you, our sole focus is teaching you, mentoring you and making sure you understand the message we are trying to deliver!

What is our message?

We teach you to understand the fundamentals. When you understand the fundamentals and principles behind roasting and making great coffee and how to do this consistently, you will then be able to teach and share that. Being able to share this knowledge completely removes any reliance you may have on us at the Academy. This ability to keep your co-workers/staff on the same page will drive your success!


We recommend you do the following before you invest money in roasting equipment and leasing a facility.

Step 1. Take Barista Level 1

In 3rd wave cafes the # 1 seller is espresso based drinks. As a roaster, if you don’t know how to make espresso and dial-in the espresso machine and grinder, then you can’t fix your roasting errors and shouldn’t roast for espresso. Our Barista Level 1 class is designed to teach you this!

Step 2. Take Coffee Tasting Level 1

You need to know how to taste coffee to either roast or make it. Come learn from our dedicated coffee professionals & educators how to taste unbiased with our Coffee Tasting Level 1

Step 3. Take Opening a Coffee Business

You need to know the economics of the coffee business model before you invest or go to far. Our Opening a Coffee Business course is perfect for those that want their own business whether it be a Coffee Shop or Roasting Coffee Facility answering all your business questions about finances, staffing, purchasing equipment, business plans and more.

After completing these three courses you will be prepared with the fundamentals to begin your successful roasting career and to take the next step...